Sunrise Partners – your business consultants for Central Asia and China

Successful business relationships are always based on excellent communication between the business partners. Especially for European companies, doing business with companies from Asia is a big challenge. Understanding the culture and the language plays a vital role in setting up a successful business relation. This is where we can help you! We can be your agents in direct transactions or your counterpart in establishing purchase, sale, transportation or services contracts.

We offer:

  • many years of experience in commercial negotiations with companies of various industries in Central Asia and China

wide connections in the regional expert community, which can offer its professional knowledge in various fields from IT technologies and market analytics to the analysis of geological data, the development of exploration and production plans and selection of equipment for a project.

You benefit from our knowledge of

  • the regional languages and culture
  • local business practices and business, expert and government contacts
  • the specifics of accounting, tax and currency control in Central Asia and China

Our services include:

  • a thorough analysis of your target markets
  • processing commercial and technical information
  • recommendation on technology, pricing and financial conditions of your deals
  • evaluation of the reliability of your potential partner and his reputation
  • mitigation of commercial risks

We handle all information that is provided by you with absolute confidentiality.

Our clients either pay us commission or agent fee or have the possibility of including us in their trading profit margin at later stages of a successful business.

Sunrise Partners – You deal with a European Company and we deal with the specifics of the new markets where the sun rises.